Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Second Vincent Price Presents

The title says it all. The cover has 2 hidden clues.

Sneak peek

A sneak peek of my third work at Bluewater Comics, still in the works, this time a biopic. Guess who is he?

Pig Floyd

Sometimes I try my hand at "design". Here in two different flavors.

Mr. Quixote´s pictures

Another 3 pieces about the first anti hero, for an exhibition I don´t remember where. The dark one is supposed to be the way Don Quijote sees himself, an hero in postapocalyptic frazzetaesque world. The one of the clouds means that even in a wasteland the ghost of a big man is a powerful force, or something like that. Also, the title, "Por la manchega llanura" refers to a song of the best singer-songwriter of Spain, Joan Manuel Serrat, and his adaptation of the poem "Vencidos" by León Felipe. And the one with me reading Don Quijote and surrounded by Art means that we still can get crazy today easily with all of the entertainment and rubbish at our disposition.

3 sketches and a close-up shot

One of the best things of the blogs: sketches.

Dredd in Christmas

  An illustration with Dredd and the Dark Judges. Good characters. Here I learned how to do Dave Stewart´s colors.


  3 paintings done for an itinerant exhibition around the theme of Simón Bolívar, called "El Sueño de Simón Bolívar", pretty big for me, 130x90cm. It started in Cantabria, Spain and will finish in Venezuela next year. I hope Hugo don´t expropiate them!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Vincent Price Presents 36

And, in October, my first book in USA, Vincent Price Presents #36, from Bluewater Comics. Another issue is done, but I still don´t know if it will be the next or not. No cheating here, the interiors are done in the same way as the cover, fully painted. Yes, for once in the last years the content looks a little bit like the cover! I´m too lazy today to ask the editor if I can use some of the artwork here, but I guess that I don´t hurt nobody if I just put a couple of panels here, not even a complete page, the cover and an "obscure" page of character sketches. I loved the mousy girl, I would have liked to have her in more pages.

Zarjaz 12!

  My second published comic outside Spain. The first one was a few years ago in Japan -strange. Two painted pages, script by Alexi Conman. Thanks to Dave Evans. Hope you like it. As we all love this things I show you the before and the after of two panels.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Madrid in the sun

A painting inspired by Sergio Toppi´s use of the space. The upper part could be called hyperrealism, and the lower as you like.

Small Violent Painting

I also paint landscapes every now and then. Here´s a small, calm and, at the same time, violent urban -rural-landscape. A view of the main street of the small town where I live. Bustarviejo, in Madrid. At night. I usually walk this street on my way from my studio to my home, so I thought I owe the street a tribute. Took 10 minutes and one can hardly see anything, but it has some raw energy, I think. I left the background because everyone loves this kind of reveling things in blogs. Next: a more polished and bigger painting dealing with a similar theme.


Since I want to show a little bit of everything I do, here´s a sneak peek of one of my comics. In this one the villiain is, yes, Steven Spielberg!


This is part of a secret project (because nobody wants to know anything about it). Here the questrion is did PIcasso anticipated the poster from the film Twilight-New Moon?

Friday, February 25, 2011

First Post

This is only a test. And a text. And an image, a photo done with my venerable old Canon Powershot 75. The subject is an interesting (...) painting from some years ago. The interesting part is that it originated in a virtual environment -Photoshop-, and ended as a real Analog Acrylic painting. So we can say that this is a copy an the original a small psd file. OMG!