Friday, July 29, 2011

Vincent Price Presents 36

And, in October, my first book in USA, Vincent Price Presents #36, from Bluewater Comics. Another issue is done, but I still don´t know if it will be the next or not. No cheating here, the interiors are done in the same way as the cover, fully painted. Yes, for once in the last years the content looks a little bit like the cover! I´m too lazy today to ask the editor if I can use some of the artwork here, but I guess that I don´t hurt nobody if I just put a couple of panels here, not even a complete page, the cover and an "obscure" page of character sketches. I loved the mousy girl, I would have liked to have her in more pages.

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  1. I'm the writer of the comic book, and Darren has never had a problem with me putting art up on Facebook, so I'm sure he'd be ok with you putting art on your blog.

    By the way, your work is gorgeous!